New trail project announced in NSW

Today we achieve a massive milestone not only in our personal but especially in our business lives!

Juliane Wisata, 17 May 2021

I’m one of the founders of Rocky Trail Destination and today I feel we need to share part of the story, one of the reasones why this business exists. It’s like everything the three founders – Joe, Martin and I have worked on, every connection we’ve made in our personal and business lives has led us here.

For Martin and I this business has been brewing inside of us for years – with Rocky Trail Entertainment we have been active in so many regions across NSW, the ACT, QLD and VIC and we wanted to create a huge hub, connecting all our incredibly resourceful business and personal connections to foster communities and create sustainable tourism visitation. Joe has been a powerhouse in infrastructure management and as passionate and active in the cycling industry as us and finally – in early 2020 our paths crossed, our visions became one huge mission – to be a support partner and agency for the sustainable growth through nature based tourism. It has been so exciting over the past few months with Joe taking the lead in managing the re-build of Fox Creek Bike Park in Adelaide.

So back to today… we are proud to announce that Martin is on the ground in Oberon NSW together with trail builder Marcelo Cardona from Next Level Mountain Bike. Martin and I have met so many amazing people over the last 18 years in Australia and Marcelo has been one of the most influential ones Рhe was one of the very first people we met in Australia after we arrived here in 2003. How? Of course, riding our bikes in Sydney. There were times when we spent every weekend together riding our bikes, camping and eventually travelling to our races together. Marcelo literally was there the day we decided on our company name for Rocky Trail Entertainment and we have been growing our businesses alongside each other to finally, today, after a long planning stint over the past few months we bring all those dreams from 14 years ago to life.

It’s always been about the trails. It’s always been about being outdoors, hiking and riding and enjoying this amazing country. Our dream is to leave a legacy for our kids, finding, unlocking and creating amazing outdoor spaces – because if the past 14 months have shown us anything, it’s that nature is what consoles you, embraces you, let’s you be yourself.

So today Martin and Marcelo meet with Council who has commissioned us to create a boutique mountain bike trail network in Oberon.

Martin and Marcelo will engage with community leaders to get feedback on our proposed trail network.

Over the next three days they will establish the timeline for the build – I can’t wait to announce the trail plans and when we will start getting Marcelo’s building crew out there to start building.

So, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn and we’ll be keeping you updated about our projects like the one in Oberon!