Mogo Trails: Trail builder jobs & training opportunities

Rocky Trail Destination is the project lead for the Mogo Trails development on the NSW South Coast. With our key construction partner Next Level Mountain Bike we are now hiring trail builders – and offering training and certification opportunities to mountain bikers who want obtain a certification in this field.

The Mogo Trails project by Rocky Trail Destination is an ambitious and exciting endeavour to create a world-class mountain biking destination in Mogo, on the New South Wales South Coast. The project will revitalize the existing community-built trails while introducing a huge range of brand-new trails for riders of all skill levels. The network is constructed with the latest technology and sustainable practices. From fast-paced downhill runs and awesome flowtrails to technical singletrack, the new trails provide an exhilarating and challenging experience for all riders.

If you ride and want to be a builder, Rocky Trail Destination has generated up to 2 years of work and jobs in Mogo. This is a life-changing opportunity. We’ve worked with Next Level to have the training to further your skills and opportunities to acquire the certification required to work in the trail-building industry.

Mountain bike trail construction will involve predominantly manual handling of soil, rock and vegetation outdoors, in small teams with the support and supervision of the team leaders, operators and managers.

You need three things

  1. to ride and love mountain biking
  2. to be able to be at Mogo, for up to two years
  3. a good attitude and want to learn

This has been a really big dream for us. Build teams have always been ‘knowing’ someone. When we won this job, we knew we wanted to give jobs and futures back to our riders.

You will finish with money in your pocket, fit as heck from building and certification. We’ll have more info shortly, but get your resume together, ensure you can be in Mogo, then send it to