Showcase: Adaptive Trails at Fox Creek Bike Park

Our team project managed the rebuild of tracks after the fires at Fox Creek Bike Park. Across the Rocky Trail Group, When we say bikes are for everyone, we mean it. Every kid, every mum, every dad, less abled or the fastest rider in the world, we just want you to have fun, and realise that bikes rule, and riding bikes might be the best days of your life. How much does this track rule, FOR EVERYONE.

We will make tracks and races, for everyone. If you are a XC rider or racer, we have new ideas, new fun, new energy and plans to make people realise, lapping around with friends is mountain biking.

Our goal in 2023 is to lower these barriers. Stop any idea that one type of riding is better than another. Fast is not better than party pace. DH is not better than a techy climb. They are all fun.

Hope you are pumped for the year. We are.