Understanding nature based tourism

The Rocky Trail Destination Team has over 12 years’ experience working primarily with regional and rural locations. As a result we have been building presence, assets and awareness in the industry and can bring a holistic approach to nature based tourism (NBT).

Nature based tourism is a supersector in Australia, which is often underestimated
and also misunderstood. We want to change that.

There is often a confusion between the terms ‘ecotourism’ and nature based tourism. We don’t use them synonymously but rather see nature based tourism as the over-arching mindset that we apply when working with clients. Therefore we define it as all forms of tourism, which use natural resources and (trail) assets. We acknowledge that the primary focus of ‘ecotourism’ is “experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation”. Our objective is to primarily focus on nature based tourism in the sense of “experiencing nature areas” in general.

Great destinations are great places to visit and amazing places to live and work.

Our core belief.

It’s travel for the purpose of enjoying natural areas or wildlife on the one hand, but for us it’s also about involving the local community. For us this includes stakeholders across all socio-economic levels.

Our vision for nature based tourism

Rocky Trail Destination is designed to support destination and government agencies grow nature based tourism, economic development and encourage active recreation. We develop business models and master plans to support destinations throughout the implementation and execution processes of those plans.

Our mission is to enable local, regional, state and federal authorities as well as tourism organisations and key players in the outdoor industry and to see trail and tourism destination development or evolution project through from start to finish – developing a right-fit strategy that delivers whole-of-community benefits into the future.

Rocky Trail Destination exists to integrate the build of a destination with the ongoing local impact of a sustained, robust local economic uplift, through new industry, community pride, integrated stakeholder management and the realisation of a social dividend through natural assets and Nature Based Tourism.

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