Entrepreneurial expertise to help you call the tune

These days NBT destinations need to be competitive to attract visitors, generate socio-economic opportunities and be sustainable. This is were our entrepreneurial expertise comes in.

Our team helps councils, clubs, tourism organisations and state governments
embrace the NBT opportunity at all stages of the destination maturity curve.

Our team delivers a diverse approach to trail development, management and destination promotion. We combine tourism products and experiences and approach them with an underlying social physics methodology to provide a more integrated solution than the visitor economy alone.

We know trails.


Our foundes are passionate entrepreneurs and travellers and share a passion for the outdoors, mountain biking and trail adventures. The team combines decade-long experiences in community development, project delivery, events management, tourism and leisure as well as strategic infrastructure funding support, stakeholder engagement and marketing campaign development.

Funding stream consulting

We will see the trail and tourism destination development project through from start to finish – from strategy development to professional on the job training for local and regional key players. The skill sets of our team include:

  • Engagements across Australia to design and implement local benefit and social dividend programs for multi-billion dollar infrastructure and regional development projects.
  • Experience in securing and advising clients so that fund streams are is spent in the most sustainable way.
  • More than a decade of experience in the outdoor events and cycling industry with access to the network of one of Australia’s leading private mountain bike events promoters, our sister company Rocky Trail Entertainment.
  • Academic background in the Tourism and Leisure Management sphere.
  • Corporate background in strategic consumer marketing campaigns and branding.

At Rocky Trail Destination we belief that a destination needs to see itself less of a marketer in the promotional sense but as an orchestrator. Therefore it is important to staying on top of ‘calling the tune’ when it comes to funding. This will ensure an efficient process of planning, implementing or revitalising one’s nature based tourism destination concept. Our promise is to deliver support by helping our clients to ‘conduct’ the symphony from start to finish: the strategic destination assessment, revitalisation or development as well as marketing cycle.

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