Why fostering collaboration is pivotal for destination growth

Rocky Trail Destination creates the bridge between the propulsion from government funding and the drive provided by local communities. Our team will support those local stakeholders to collaborate and work together, and assist throughout the implementation and maintenance of necessary mechanisms.

Our trail planning and development processes consider short and long-term community,
health, social, economic and environmental considerations.

NBT and Trail Destinations are in a fiercely competitive market and only getting more competitive. ‘Hard Infrastructure’ is not enough. At Rocky Trail Destination, we firmly believe nothing enables a destination’s agility more, than an engaged and integrated local community. We call this the ‘Soft Infrastructure’.

The positive energy of a community’s sense of pride of their region and its assets
is a vital building block of the destination’s DNA.

Our core belief.

Good planning, maintenance and support networks are at the core of what we deliver. The result is a diverse network of fit-for purpose, sustainable and high-quality trails, which will offer a wide variety of active options combined with leisure, local produce, and cultural experiences.

We believe that a destination will sustainably thrive, when the local community, including stakeholders across all socio-economic levels, buys into what the destination promises to potential visitors.

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