Why engaging the local community will enable agility

With increasing investment in trail infrastructure globally, new NBT destinations need to be competitive to attract visitors, generate socio-economic opportunities and be sustainable.

We firmly believe nothing enables a destination’s agility more, that an engaged and integrated local community. At Rocky Trail Destination, we call this the ‘Soft Infrastructure’.

We know from our experience that the old model of grant funding, engaging a media blast, building a promotional persona and then entering the further funding/promo cycle is now apparent to be unsustainable and ineffective. NBT and Trail Destinations are in a fiercely competitive market and only getting moreso. ‘Hard Infrastructure’ is not enough.

We deliver a sustained economic benefit through Trail infrastructure and nature-based tourism experiences.

Our approach.

We develop agile business models that support destinations throughout the implementation and execution processes of their master plans. We see trail and tourism destination development projects through from start to finish – from strategy development to professional on the job training for local and regional key players.

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