Why now is the time to turn the dials

Recent events across the Globe and in Australia, including bush fires and the Covid-19 pandemic, have highlighted the fragility and inflexibility of newly minted master plans. We are here to help to turn the dial: to adjust course, apply tactics, take learning, accelerate implementation or adjust strategies with the aim to ensure sustained development and growth.

Through taking the best in contemporary and proven models from Australia, Europe, New Zealand and North America we will provide Trail Stewardship integrated with Destination Stewardship.

As part of the Soft Infrastructure deliverable we have developed a specific methodology to achieve holistic stakeholder engagement. This model provides a deployable coordination platform for all stakeholders, not only that but provides tracking and score carding can help recalibrate priorities, resources and efforts for a truly cohesive destination.

Let us introduce you to the ‘sausage roll index’.

It’s a thing.

Our team believes in a big data approach to the small things that matter to new and repeat visitors.

Rocky Trail Destination exists to integrate the build of a destination with the ongoing local impact of a sustained, robust local economic uplift, through new industry, community pride, integrated stakeholder management and the realisation of a social dividend through natural assets and Nature Based Tourism.

Let’s chat about those sausage rolls!

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